Controlling the Outcome

Hereby one of our latest executed works; can you distinguish the reality from the 3D rendering?

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For a better understanding of the architectural project and to streamline communication with the client when meeting his preferences, Luv Architecture & Design works directly with 3D designs.

We want the customer to obtain the nearest real foretaste of what will be his project once executed, ensuring a deep and clear understanding of all his needs and aspirations.

The maximum level of detail is reflected in every presentation to avoid  unexpected surprises and economic detours.

Our New Headquarters

After showing you a preview of what would our new office space be, we are happy to share with you the outcome!


The Luxury of Living

Our new publication "LUV The Luxury of Living" includes the most important thing about us.


Rupert Bevan, London

With a background in gilding and restoring, Rupert Bevan is one of the best creators of bespoke furniture in the UK.


LUV Changes HQ

After a complete refurbishment, we present you a sneak preview of our new headquarters, located in the heart of Barcelona.