Curating Materials

LUV was born with the aim to provide the best integrated design solutions for the most demanding worldwide customers.

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In the quest for excellence, LUV has established numerous alliances to offer unique products. Today we are presenting our latest development, a wooden floor produced in small batches exclusively personalized by Heartwood ( for LUV.

The foremost wooden floors are selected through a very tough process starting at the very heart of Germany. The finest quality white oak grows naturally in the the upper Bavarian area, and is collected after hundreds of years through expert artisans, avoiding mechanical means. Only a handmade material can provide such an exquisite outcome.

LUV has carefully followed the production process to clearly understand how to best create an exceptional and genuine product.

The uniqueness of our curated floors is characterized by a special attention to the right selection of the trunk, where imperfections, sapwood, fissures, knots or cracks are balanced to obtain a truly special material.

A particular color and tone are obtained after a smoking process that takes from 2 to 4 days, a special variable plank width between 190 and 420 mm, a hand brush process and a final coat of only matt and open pore natural oils. This process ensures that the end result will provide a natural and sophisticated texture. A life lasting work of art, ready to be stepped on the rest of its days.

Our New Headquarters

After showing you a preview of what would our new office space be, we are happy to share with you the outcome!


Controlling the Outcome

Hereby one of our latest executed works; can you distinguish the reality from the 3D rendering?


The Luxury of Living

Our new publication "LUV The Luxury of Living" includes the most important thing about us.


Rupert Bevan, London

With a background in gilding and restoring, Rupert Bevan is one of the best creators of bespoke furniture in the UK.