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The lucky tenant of this work of art is a London jeweller who commissioned the architecture company from Barcelona.

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The lucky tenant of this work of art of contemporary interior design is a London jeweller who commissioned the architectural design company based in Barcelona LUV (clever acronym of Living a Unique Vision) the transformation of this space – built between 1771 and 1778 by the East India Company for the storage of products imported from Asia – in the wonder that you have in front of you. This 240 m2 apartment has two rooms, a large open space used as a hall, a living room, a kitchen and a jewellry showroom.

Thanks to the preservation of wooden ceilings and the metal pillars, the project maintains its integrity and its industrial past. Its lighting and large dimensions provide a strong personality. The interiors have been decorated largely respecting the original materials and the furniture has been designed specifically for the owner. If you want an apartment like this, you know who you can call…

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