The Customisation of Each Project

Working internationally gives us a global vision of the finest materials, the best technology and the most accurate details.

We fondly develop those elements that we know will fit perfectly in each project, and will suit the lifestyle of our customers.
Here are some pictures from our last trip in pursuit of excellence. They show the customized selection of numerous plant species and woodland in a prestigious plant nursery in Florence, Italy, for one of our latest projects in the city.

Our New Headquarters

After showing you a preview of what would our new office space be, we are happy to share with you the outcome!


Controlling the Outcome

Hereby one of our latest executed works; can you distinguish the reality from the 3D rendering?


The Luxury of Living

Our new publication "LUV The Luxury of Living" includes the most important thing about us.


Rupert Bevan, London

With a background in gilding and restoring, Rupert Bevan is one of the best creators of bespoke furniture in the UK.


LUV Changes HQ

After a complete refurbishment, we present you a sneak preview of our new headquarters, located in the heart of Barcelona.