Menorca and the Mediterranean

White is the most used colour in the mediterranean architecture, this is not a random fact

The last years we´ve been highly involved in the development of mediterranean architecture, particularly in the Balearic Island of Menorca. We are frequently asked by what are the main characteristics and beliefs that conform our mediterranean projects; We like to base our mediterranean projects on

1. the use of white,
2. the use of local materials
3. a sustainable approach
4. the design of the shadows
5. the integration of landscape

White is probably the most used colour in the mediterranean architecture, this is not a random fact, as white is the color that helps protecting from sun radiation, it´s clean, its fresh, its pure and it´s contrasted with its surrounding green and blue landscape.
Menorca is characterised by the construction of seamless dry stone walls and the use of local stone ‘Mares’. Both bring in character and connect with the inheritance of local construction.

Designing in a changing environment between aggressive hot summer and humid and cold winter requires designing with a passive sustainable approach, this is, through the use of overhangs, setbacks, protected windows, using landscape, integrating natural light, inner courtyards and the right selection of insulation materials, and therefore avoiding the excess of use of energy consuming systems such as air conditioning.

Shadows play a key role in mediterranean architecture, protecting from sun and creating beautiful contrasts. We believe shadows can be controlled and designed in a way that they don´t only play a functional role but to set the character of each project.

We believe landscape and architecture should be designed in a way that one cannot exist without the other, architecture should be integrated not imposed, landscape should serve to bring calm, to frame views, to provoque, to add texture, sun protection and to overall enhance our 5 senses.

We welcome you to visit our portfolio page to view our latest mediterranean projects following this link.

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