Rupert Bevan, London

With a background in gilding and restoring, Rupert Bevan is one of the best creators of bespoke furniture in the UK.

Although he moved away from restoration a long time ago, he has successfully raised a company with the main objective to create bespoke original designs for his clients, both beautiful and functional,  with the utmost attention to detail.

Rupert Bevan and his team of designers offer a complete service from initial consultation to final fitting, and an incomparable opportunity for involvement in the creative process. Besides this, it is noteworthy that everything is made in Britain, often by hand using rare and traditional artisan techniques. 

We invite you to know more about them reading the following interview:

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LUV:  How would you define your brand in one paragraph?

RUPERT BEVAN: I design and make furniture and interior finishes to commission. Rather than trying to create a design identity, everything we do is completely bespoke, so the design is led by the clients and we are facilitators.

L: What made you become a specialist in high end bespoke furniture?

R: My background is in gilding and restoring, and this provided me with a vast amount of experience working with different materials and finishes, alongside an in depth knowledge of many different styles of furniture, from centuries old antiques to contemporary pieces. This equipped me with a palate of skills and experience for starting my own restoration company – which gradually evolved into the bespoke furniture company you see today. I also have a love of learning, and of working with different people, which this profession allows me to explore.

L: Which is your source of inspiration?

R: A fascination with design and aesthetics in its many different forms, which includes all the different materials, finishes and furniture in styles from different eras. I don’t have a historical bias in terms of different styles or specific design features; instead I like everything for its individual charm and the aspects that make it different. I like things that achieve a balance between functionality and aesthetics; pieces that not only look amazing but can be used practically and work well, and are well constructed as well as designed beautifully so they stand the test of time.

L: What makes you different from other companies?

R: We offer a complete service, from the initial design consultations when often there will only be an idea, though the concept design, producing samples and working drawings, to the making and finishing of each piece, and finally to installation on site. We manage our projects throughout the process, working closely with the clients to ensure their expectations are met.
Often bespoke makers focus on the construction or joinery or cabinet making, and pay less attention to the finishes. I think this sets us apart; because we are specialist finishes and decorative artists we can add a whole new dimension of possibility into what can be achieved. Also we tend not to impose our own design style and aesthetics onto the pieces we create; I like to think of them being truly bespoke rather than customised pieces which have already been designed.

L: How did you start collaborating with LUV?

R:  We were introduced to Christian and LUV by Harriet Holgate, with whom we had worked on several London projects – including the notable St Judes Church, of which we are very proud.

 L: What do you like from working with LUV?

R: Christian is a very talented designer. He has a clear vision about the interior he wants to create, and executes it with passion and incredible attention to detail. It’s a pleasure working with him.

L: Which is the latest project you have worked together?

R: We’re currently working together on a large new apartment in Kensington, providing joinery and other items of bespoke furniture. We hope this is the first of many!

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