Achieving the best results through the expert combination of the correct professionals.

We understand design alone is not enough.

Success is achieved through the efficient interaction and inter-dependence of a great number of experts, services and providers which intimately depend on each other. We tailor our expertise to create a coordinated single-point approach that facilitates the communication with the client, maximizing the performance of the process.

We can offer an individual expertise service or a one-stop service covering projects from start to finish (turn-key solutions) in order to fulfill any specific need.

+ Architecture


LUV Studio’s understanding of architecture resides in the creation of the fine art and methodical science of designing buildings and spaces that will have a profound improvement on people’s lifestyles.

Our architecture is uniquely matched to each project, but always seeks to combine beauty and meaning by placing people at the center of each design.

+ Interior Design​

Interior Design​

Architectural design and Interior design are indivisible, the one is the consequence of the other, therefore all our interior designers are also licensed architects, ensuring not only the functional and aesthetic appeal, but also the technical resolution of any detail.

We believe in providing bespoke interior designs that target who the client is, developing always a ‘leitmotiv’ with an aesthetic and functional value that is focused specifically on his lifestyle and way of living.

We consider every little aspect that complete peoples’ properties:

– Loose furniture

– Fitted furniture

– Decorative lighting

– Soft Linen: curtains, rugs, cushions, bed linen, bathroom linen, table linen

– Kitchen Equipment: household appliances, cutlery, crockery, glass ware, table ware

– Decoration objects and features

– Art and artefacts

+ Landscape Design

Landscape Design

The world changes at an unprecedented pace, the connection between people and nature is being reconsidered, and the key is Landscape Design.

At LUV Studio we strive to enrich the relationship between natural and built environments, taking into consideration the practical, aesthetic, and environmental sustainability as the main components in any design.

+ Structural and MEP Engineering

Structural and MEP Engineering

Structural and MEP Services are key to comfort and building safety.

Our aim is to always provide the best technologies for such disciplines, ensuring advanced, comprehensive and comfortable solutions as well as responsible energy saving performance.

+ Construction Management

Construction Management

As commonly said, power without control is useless.

In order to achieve excellence not only in design but in construction, LUV Studio counts with inhouse expert construction Managers who supervise any project’s time delivery, its cost and its quality (the triangle of success), ensuring the performance of the whole construction process.

+ Analytics and Investment Evaluation

Analytics and Investment Evaluation

We focus on the most important economy of the world, yours.

Private and corporate clients across a wealth of sectors rely on LUV Studio to assure the feasibility and business case of their projects.

Backed up by experience and based on the evidence of analysis, we assist our clients to formulate the best development strategies to achieve their goals.

+ Project Specialties

Project Specialties

A large list of specific project specialties are also provided to satisfy the most demanding requests, including among others:

– Smart House Systems

– Energy consumption

– Private Security

– Audio & Video integrations

– Sport Equipment

– Wellness areas

– Wine cellars

– Home cinema

– Entertainment areas

– Styling and Art

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