Binidalí Villa

Binidalí, Menorca

Menorca, known for its beaches with crystalline waters, its dreamlike natural landscapes and its architectural value, is an impressive island located in the Mediterranean.

Its southeast coast, characterized by its exclusive villas, is the idyllic setting where this project is located. Its architectural design blends luxury and elegance with authenticity and the island character.

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22 08 Binidali Arad...Ext Firepit - LUV Studio - Architecture & Design - Barcelona

Each corner has been carefully designed to reflect the link between the villa and its inhabitants with the island, creating an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility inviting relaxation and enjoyment of  the natural beauty that surrounds it.

The high-quality details and architecture of Villa Binidalí provide a contemporary luxury experience. The combination of wood, stone and other noble materials in neutral tones contrast with decorative elements in darker tones, giving the house a strong personality.

22 08 Binidali Arad...Int Dinning 1 - LUV Studio - Architecture & Design - Barcelona

The terrace stands out for its south-facing pool with an incredible chill out area, perfect for enjoying the climate and the Mediterranean lifestyle. The terrace is completed with a wooden pergola that helps to merge the interior and exterior of the villa, thus promoting maximum comfort.

The outdoor areas combine the timeless character of natural stone, characteristic of the island landscape, with other more contemporary metal elements.

The panoramic views of the sea and the horizon create a spectacular landscape where you can enjoy a magical and relaxing sunset.

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