G – House

Barcelona, Spain

A project inspired by peaceful Mediterranean life and the privilege of living in a house of natural sophistication in the upper Barcelona neighbourhood of Pedralbes. The sensation of retiring from the tiresome noise and bustle of everyday life into a relaxing atmosphere is always welcome. The panoramic views over the city from the comfort of home are incredible.

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Luv studio luxury architects barcelona ghouse house IMG 01 - G - House
Luv studio luxury architects barcelona ghouse house SLD 02 - G - House

Contemporary interior design achieves the balance of elegance and simplicity, floor to ceiling windows harnessing a flood of natural light. Our attention to detail with natural dry-stone walling and textures allows space to merge seamlessly from the surrounding countryside into the interior of the house.  Connection to nature is always present.   

Comfort and relaxation, both inside and out, go hand in hand in this project designed for family life.


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