Working with LUV – Part 2

At LUV we believe total satisfaction is achieved by the atypical philosophy of working 'the whole'.

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We do not only believe in excellent spaces, we design the whole experience related to them. We keep in mind how is the tenant going to feel, how is he going to use the spaces and what sensations is he going to experiment in every one of them in order to maximise his comfort.

To create this experience, we work holistically on all the parts that make up a project, going through all the phases of design and construction. Only controlling every phase can we guarantee global excellence and achieve results that surpass the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Every scope of design and construction is a world in itself that requires specific knowledge. At the same time, it should be perfectly integrated with all the other elements that form the project. At LUV we count on experts in every specialty that help us make every part of design unique and emblematic.

Some examples are lighting control, home automation, privacy control and security, image and sound systems, ambience, decoration and complete furnishing, landscaping and development of unique materials, balancing the use of technology and craftsmanship.

Thanks to the experience in each of these fields we can achieve our goal: offering customized spaces that improve the wellbeing and life quality of our clients.

Our New Headquarters

After showing you a preview of what would our new office space be, we are happy to share with you the outcome!


Controlling the Outcome

Hereby one of our latest executed works; can you distinguish the reality from the 3D rendering?


The Luxury of Living

Our new publication "LUV The Luxury of Living" includes the most important thing about us.


Rupert Bevan, London

With a background in gilding and restoring, Rupert Bevan is one of the best creators of bespoke furniture in the UK.